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What is Wrongful Termination?

When an employee is fired for an illegal reason, which may involve violation of federal anti-discriminatory laws or a contractual breach, their dismissal falls under the category of wrongful termination. This unfortunate, yet commonly faced workplace issue is just one of many that employment attorneys at Spielberger Law Group handle daily. 

Typically, when an employee is unhappy in their place of work, they have a plan for submitting their resignation or at least have some idea of when they would like to leave their job in search of other work opportunities. However, a planned leave is not possible when fired on terms that align with wrongful termination and can result in a disgruntled, hurt, or confused individual with little to no understanding of the issue at hand. In fact, many employees who have been wrongfully terminated do not know that they may have options in their favor to resolve their situation or
claims to pursue.

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What if You are a Victim of Wrongful Termination?

In Florida and many other states, employment is “at-will”, meaning an employer can terminate your employment for any reason, or no reason at all. This can lead to some grey areas, especially if you are an employee who is unaware of why you were let go, with or without previous warning. Despite this, each case is unique, and you may have rights protected under other employment discrimination laws; there are certain situations where it is unlawful to fire an employee. Wrongful termination can be the result of a hostile work environment or acting as a whistleblower when witnessing illegal activity. 

At Spielberger Law Group, our focus is to hold employers accountable for violating employee rights. We understand you may be overwhelmed as to what your rights are, how to best protect them, and what your next move should be. We highly recommend you contact your employer’s human resources department before taking legal action regarding your wrongful termination claim. If you continue to experience issues at work, please contact Spielberger Law Group at 1(800)-965-1570 as soon as possible.

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The above is intended as a general guide to better understand potential claims against employers with respect to wrongful termination. Your claims may be time sensitive and we encourage you to complete our free case evaluation request to increase the chance of meeting deadlines for filing your claim. Employment attorneys at Spielberger Law Group are passionate about employment law and are true advocates of employees whose rights have been violated. 

Once you’ve completed our free case evaluation form, an employment lawyer licensed to practice employment law in your state will review your statements and you will be contacted by our firm after determining whether you have claims to pursue. Do not miss your opportunity to bring justice to your workplace, contact us today for the chance to receive the best recovery possible.

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